HTTP error codes


The TraceParts APIs returns appropriate HTTP status codes for every request. If this request encounters an error, a response with the HTTP status codes and the corresponding error message will be displayed.


The table lists the errors returned when working with TraceParts APIs. Some errors are resolved if you simply retry the same request. The table indicates which errors are likely to be resolved with successive retries. If the “Retry” column contains a “Y”, please submit the same request again. If the “Retry” column contains an “N”, please fix the problem in your call before submitting a new request.

Response Status Codes

HTTP Status CodeDescriptionRetry
400A parameter is missing in the callN
403The request has been refused or access is not allowed. Check you API keyN
404The provided item does not existN
408The request timed outY
500Internal server errorN
503The API rate-limit has been reachedY

HTTP error codes response

JSON Output

A sample HTTP request is shown below, displaying that a CAD format doesn’t exist.

"messageError":"CAD(99) not found"

XML Output

Same example as above.

<MessageError>CAD(99) not found</MessageError>

HTTP error codes response elements

HTTP error codes response contains two elements:

  • “CodeError”: HTTP error code.
  • “MessageError”: Description of the error.

Last updated June 30, 2015