3D viewer


The 3D viewer module is the 3D standalone viewer provided by TraceParts.


This module provides a 3D viewer of the 3D model of one given part number of a catalog. This module includes 3 ways of visualization based on 3 different technologies. The optimized one is automatically chosen related to the version of the web browser.

Building a URL

The 3D viewer request takes the following form:



Certain parameters are required while others are optional. As it is standard in URLs, all parameters are separated using the ampersand (&) character. The list of parameters and their possible values are enumerated below.
The final URL containing your EasyLink ID (ELSID) will be provided by your TraceParts account manager.

Required parameters

Parameter NameData typeDefault valueDescription
SupplierIDstringnoneClassificationId given by the CatalogsList API
PartNumberstringnonePart number of the catalog from the TraceParts database

Optional parameters (rendering)

Parameter NameData typeDefault valueDescription
SetBackgroundColorHexadecimal0xFFFFFFSets a color on the background of the 3D viewer.
SetRenderModetextshaded-edgedRendering of the 3D model. Values: “shaded-edged”, “shaded”, “transparent”, “wireframe”, “edged”
EnableMirrorEffectbooleanfalseEnable the mirror effect on the XZ plane
DisplayCoordinateSystembooleanfalseDisplay the coordinate system
EnablePresentationModebooleanfalseThe model rotates on the Y axis until a user interaction

Optional parameters (toolbars)

Parameter NameData typeDefault valueDescription
DisplayUIMenubooleantrueDisplay the toolbars (on the bottom and on the right)
DisplayUIContextMenubooleantrueEnable the contextual menu with Views and Render sub menus
MergeUIMenubooleanfalseMerge the contextual menu inside the main menu
MenuAlwaysVisiblebooleanfalseAlways display the toolbar
DisplayUIResetButtonMenubooleantrueDisplay the Reset button
DisplayUIScreenshotButtonMenubooleantrueDisplay the Screenshot button
DisplayUISettingsSubMenubooleantrueDisplay the Settings menu
DisplayUIPresentationModeButtonMenubooleantrueDisplay the Presentation button
DisplayUIViewsSubContextMenubooleantrueDisplay the Views sub menu (for the contextual menu)
DisplayUIRenderModesSubContextMenubooleantrueDisplay the Render sub menu (for the contextual menu)

Example of 3D viewer call

The request below returns the 3D viewer of the part number “1857837” from the PHOENIX CONTACT catalog.


PartNumber and ClassificationID:


The language of the menu depends of the URL, having the TraceParts languageID in the path. By default, the 3D viewer is in English language (languageID = en).


The languageIDs are provided by the LanguagesList API.

Developer support

Please contact us for any problems, questions or comments related to this web service.

Last updated November 20, 2018