Data Indexing


Thanks to the different web services described in this section, you can explore and index data from the highest level (catalogs) to the lowest level (part number).

Navigation in the data structure

The data featured in the TraceParts API are associated with the required language.
If data do not exist in the required language, their value is returned in the default language chosen by the supplier.
The list of languages is available via LanguagesList.
For example, if you wish to use the API for your application in Spanish, simply ask for the data in Spanish.
If the requested language is not available for all the data, TraceParts will manage the data according to the supplier’s choices.
To fetch the information, you can explore it from the list of catalogs associated with your API key (via CatalogsList) to retrieve the classification structure for each one using CategoriesList and continue for the products with ProductsList.
Associated contact information is available for each catalog via SupplierContacts. You will find postal addresses, email addresses and website addresses.

Data indexing

These data can also be mass indexed by exporting files (.csv, .json or .xml) with the same information as previously mentioned, but also new information including the part number and related bill of materials.
With SynchronizationData, you can add the elements from TraceParts to your own search engine, for example.