CAD formats availability


Some CAD formats can be unavailable for a part number and for one given configuration.


This web service requires an API Key. Please use the form to request your API Key.


This API returns if a CAD format is available for one given configuration of a part number. Depending on the CAD file in the data, a CAD format can be unavailable.

Building a URL

The CADFormatAvailability API request takes the following form:


Certain parameters are required while others are optional. As it is standard in URLs, all parameters are separated using the ampersand (&) character. The list of parameters and their possible values are enumerated below.

Required parameters

Parameter NameData typeDefault valueDescription
ApiKeystringnoneCode calling an API to track and control how the API is used
FormatstringnoneAnswer file type (xml, json)
CADFormatIDintegernoneCADFormatID given by the CADFormatsList API
PartID*stringnonePartID given by the SynchronizationData API
ClassificationID**stringnoneClassificationId given by the CatalogsList API
PartNumber**stringnonePart Number as it is exactly written in the TraceParts database
LanguagestringenLanguageID given by the LanguagesList API

Optional parameters

Parameter NameData typeDefault valueDescription
UserEmailstringnoneUser email / User ID
ActiveJsonLightboolean0Enables the light version when json is the answer file type
SelectionPath*stringnoneSelectionPath given by the SynchronizationData API

*Both parameters (PartID and SelectionPath) have to be used together. In this case, the couple “ClassificationID” and “PartNumber” is not to use.
** Both parameters (ClassificationID and PartNumber) have to be used together. In this case, the couple “PartID” and “SelectionPath” is not to use.

Example of CADFormatAvailability API

The request below returns the availability as an xml file for the part number 43900011 from the catalog ASCO Numatics in Autodesk Inventor CAD format.

PartID and SelectionPath:|1|1|1|&CADFormatId=9&Language=en&Format=xml&ApiKey={ApiKey}

PartNumber and ClassificationID:{ApiKey}

By changing the Format and adding the ActiveJsonLight, CADFormatAvailability returns the availability as a light Json file.|1|1|1|&CADFormatId=9&Language=en&Format=json&ActiveJsonLight=1&ApiKey={ApiKey}

CADFormatAvailability responses

The CADFormatAvailability responses are returned in the Format indicated by the Format parameter within the URL request’s path.

JSON Output

A sample HTTP request is shown below, displaying the availability of a CAD format.


XML Output

Same example as above.


CADFormatAvailability response elements

The CADFormatAvailability response contain one element:

  • “Availability”: the value is “true” or “false” if the configuration can provide or not a CAD file.

Developer support

Please contact us for any problems, questions or comments related to this web service.

Last updated June 30, 2015