CAD delivery


The millions of part numbers can be downloaded in dozens of file formats. These web services can be used to ensure their deliverability according to the available options.

Downloadable formats

Each configuration and each part number may have a list of specific formats according to the supplier’s data. It is important to provide your visitors with the right choices to avoid any frustration.
To do so, CADFormatsList returns the list of CAD formats for the selected part number or configuration.
CADDataAvailability is another approach for optimizing the number of calls to the API. With just a single response, this web service lets you know whether the part number is available, in which file format(s) and whether one of the available formats can be used to display the 3D viewer.

Recovering files

When the format has been selected, all that remains is to distribute it to your application’s user by retrieving the file path with DownloadCADPath or by emailing it via CADemail.